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CrossFit Open 15.2 Tips from Travis Mayer


CrossFit Open 15.2 Tips from Travis Mayer


Open workout 15.2  First off this workout is all about how good your CTB pullups are. If your max set is 5 you should start off with singles and move as quickly as possible. For the OHS try to do these as fast as possible and get back to pullup bar so you can spend your time there. Be smart on the pullups if you get a no rep drop right fast, shake out your grip than hop back up.

If your CTB are good, focus on being slow and steady from the beginning, you don’t need to do any pull ups unbroken. Sets of 3-5 will be your best approach than into fast singles when you feel fatigued.

Big thing will be have fun and cheer on everyone. Give it your best shot and leave nothing else out there!

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